Four great flavors.
One bold experience.

The first filter-tipped cigarette in America, Winston has been the bold choice for discriminating smokers since 1954. While our pack may have a new look, rest assured our premium, non-menthol cigarettes still deliver the kind of smooth, consistent smoking experience Winston has always been known for.

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Balanced and exceptionally smooth, our artisan selection of choice tobaccos brings flavor, character and quality together in one select blend. Offered in Kings only.

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Winston Red

A rich, satisfying smoke that's as bold as it is classic. A union of superior tobaccos means you can always count on nothing less than full-flavored character with our flagship red cigarette. Offered in Kings and 100s.

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Winston Gold

The smooth smoking experience you demand. The flavor you love. Our classic gold cigarette delivers them both like no other, thanks to its unique premium tobacco blend. Offered in Kings and 100s.

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Winston White

Made with tobaccos of uncompromising quality, our classic white cigarette is the choice for those who value smoothness above all else. Offered in Kings and 100s.

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